Rold Storkro

Rold Storkro has an amazing location near one of the largest woods of Denmark, Rold Skov, and it is the perfect place for meetings and courses, if you seek a place that provides you with a cosy atmosphere with room for important conversations, inspiration and reflection.

Rold Storkro and Rold Skov provide you with unique experiences in the form of walk & talks, feeding of fallow deers, make your own snaps or enjoy a cup of coffee in the shelter in the wood.

Rold Storkro uses local and organic ingredients as much as possible in their cooking, and you senses are in for a treat.

Rols Storkro offers:

  • 4 meeting rooms with room for 2-100 people
  • AV equipment such as pc-projector, flip-over and white board
  • Panorama restaurant
  • Adventure mini golf
  • Swimming pool and sauna
  • 10 minutes to freeway
  • Website: