Values & beliefs

Topmeetings is part of a larger Group that is owned by the businessman Morten Lindblad, who owns many different companies in Northern Denmark.  When we select partners, diversity is a key factor, because we want to show you the many advantages of Northern Jutland. Our partners have the common denominator that they all are a part of the unique history of Northern Denmark.

Managing Director of Topmeetings, Jane Pilgaard, is well-experienced within the fields of hotel management as well as sale of conferences and events. Our biggest passion is to plan and create the best possible meetings and events for you taking point of departure in Northern Denmark.

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Topmeetings’ mission:

Our mission is to gather meeting and event providers of Northern Denmark – including hotels, exhibition centres, holiday resorts, restaurants as well as centres of arts and culture – for the purpose of promoting these to affluent and decision-making meeting and event bookers from national and international companies.

Topmeetings meets the customers’ needs and requirements for meetings, courses, conferences and events, and we select up to three of our partners’ locations for you to choose from. In collaboration with the booker/planner, the perfect location is found and booked. The booker/planner receives a satisfaction survey after each held event, which will enable Topmeetings to ensure its customers solutions of high quality.

Topmeetings seeks to help professional bookers/planners and offer them the following:

  • One call away

    Topmeetings is a company that you can call to gain access to many exciting partner locations.

  • Fast and free booking

    Time-saving and free processes of searching and planning – no more long and dreadful google searches.

  • Expertise from Northern Denmark

    Professional and free help from employees from Northern Denmark with local knowledge.

Topmeetings’ vision:

Topmeetings seeks to ensure that Northern Denmark is a well-known and acknowledged region for business tourism.

Topmeetings’ vision is to gain a larger market share, which will generate additional revenue for our partners and create more jobs in Northern Denmark. This is done through finding unique, quirky, untraditional and innovative ways of organising meetings, courses, conferences and events for our customers.

We seek to make the easy accessibility and the financial gain of having your business events in Northern Denmark.

Welcome! This is our dedicated team.

We are always ready to provide help and inspiration for highly professional, exciting and different events.

Jane Pilgaard
Managing Director

Bettina Jørgensen
Sparring and sales

Heidi Søndergaard
Sparring and sales